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Configuring NSX-T Segment and IP Pools using Terraform

In this demo and blog post I will share how I’m using Terraform to create the segments and IP pools in NSX-T  to get started with deploying Edge Nodes and configuring Transport Nodes.

I’m testing a lot of NSX-T features and capabilities in the lab. With coming new releases this amount of testing will increase significantly which requires a lot of redeployment of NSX Components. VMware is working with Terraform on a NSX-T Provider which support Policy UI. This project is currently on Github and is not officially released by Terraform or VMware yet but ready to be used and tested.

I’m using Ansible for deploying the NSX-T Manager, configuring a Compute Manager (vCenter Server), Transport Zones and adding a NSX license in the NSX-Manager UI.

Once this all is done I want to create the following objects with Terraform to get started:

  • TEP IP Pool for Geneve TEPs for Transport Nodes in VLAN 12
  • TEP IP Pool for Geneve TEPs for Transport Nodes in VLAN 100
  • TEP IP Pool for Geneve TEPs for Transport Nodes in VLAN 200
  • VLAN Segment for vSphere VMkernel interfaces (VLAN 11)
  • VLAN Segments for Geneve Transport Networks (VLAN 12, 100 and 200)
  • VLAN Segment (VLAN 307) for connecting Edge Node Management interface (eth0)
  • VLAN Trunk Segments to connect Edge Node DPDK interfaces (fp-eth0 and fp-eth1) for Collapsed Compute + Edge node topology testing.

This is the variables.tf file:


This is the main.tf file:



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