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N-VDS to VDS Migration without Uninstall NSX

In this video I will demonstrate how to migrate from a N-VDS to the new vSphere 7.0 VDS using NSX-T 3.0 without uninstalling NSX on the hosts.

Configuring NSX-T Segment and IP Pools using Terraform

In this demo and blog post I will share how I’m using Terraform to create the segments and IP pools in NSX-T  to get started with deploying Edge Nodes and configuring Transport Nodes.

Deploying a PHP Guestbook Application on NSX-T with NCP 2.5

In this blog post I am going to deploy a simple multi-tier PHP Guestbook application with Redis using a Kubernetes cluster with the NSX-T Container Plugin (NCP) installed. In this post I am showing how various NSX-T objects are being created based on the deployment in Kubernetes.

VMworld NSX-T Operations and Troubleshooting (CNET3048BU)

At VMworld US the NSX-T Operations and Troubleshooting (CNET3048BU) session was the top attended NSX-T session. If you’ve missed it you can view it on the VMworld videos share:


Dynamic Routing Design – Edge Node VM on one VDS with two Physical NICs

This is the next post on a series of posts on NSX-T Edge Node design topologies. In this blog post I will describe an Edge Node design topology hosting a Tier-0 Gateway with Dynamic Routing with BGP. This Edge Node topology supports Active/Active and Active/Standby Tier-0 design.

With the Edge Node Virtual Appliances it is important to know on which vSphere Hosts the Edge Nodes are going to run, how many physical NICs are available and if the Edge Node is running on top of a VSS/VDS or N-VDS and how teaming is configured. In this design topology the Edge Nodes are running on hosts with one VDS with two Physical NICs.

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